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Office Moving


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Movingoo has experienced and trained office moving specialists. They’ll help make your move quick and proficient for a seamless transition regardless of whether it is a small or large space. We will ensure this by identifying and outlining different stages of the process to make your move less complex with minimal disruption.

1. Planning Stage

When it comes to planning a commercial move, an experienced consultant will spend time assessing the necessary moving solutions, manpower for the task, storage containers & tools needed and estimate the necessary equipment. During this time, all questions and concerns will be addressed and the move will be planned and implemented.

2. Preparation / System Reconfiguration Stage

Our professional IT movers can quickly and carefully disconnect all computers, phones, printers, and fax machines during the removal stage. And with our experienced installers on-board, we'll make sure systems furniture and case goods like desks, cabinets and bookcases are safely dismantled & put back together exactly how they were originally.

3. Moving Stage

During the removal stage of the move, our experienced IT movers can disconnect all computers, phones, printers, and fax machines. Systems furniture, and case goods, such as desks, cabinets, and bookcases will be dismantled and reconfigured by our professional installers.

4. Reassembly Stage

Movingoo objective is to have your office operational as soon as possible. During the reassembly stage, our installers will reconfigure all furniture and keyboard trays, and the IT movers can assist in the re-connection of computers, phones and printers.

How It Works

Our Moving Company has useful checklists, guides, resources and tips to help you stay organized and prepared for a stress-free move. Movingoo is here to help you with your office and commercial move either it be local, or long distance!